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Science Education Research

  Understanding Student Questioning

  Environmental philosophies underlying the teaching of environmental education: A case study in India

  A Marxist Approach to Understanding Ecology

  What if science and mathematics education was based on historical dialectical materialism?

  The Balance of Nature

  What difference does ideology make in framing research problems in science education?

  Do Leaves Need Chlorophyll

  Drawing from Life

  Stated and Unstated Aims of NCERT Social Science Textbooks

  Evolution by Natural Selection in NCERT Textbooks

  Chicken Eggs: which comes first - the expected results or the science?

  Teaching and Learning about Evolution: problems and solutions

  Vigyan seekhne aur sikane main hamen dikkat kyo aati hain?

  Why do we have problems learning and teaching science?

  An Important Women Scientist

  Corona vs Science Education

  Megh mareechika

  Cloud Illusions

  Vigyan ki padhai mein kala ka sthan

  Observation and Drawing in Learning Science

  The Loo Story

  Developments in Development

  Pankhe Thermometer Tapman se kahan tak phoonchi charcha

  Teaching teachers a new way to teach


  Comments on the Graduate Programme

  Children asking questions

  Acchhe sawaal kaise poochhein?

  How to ask good questions

  Pareekshen aur sirf pareekshen


  No place like home

  Comments on PISA  

Teaching Science

  Darwin na hota to kya hota?

  What Difference did Darwin Make?

  Ham apne sharir ko kaise jaante hain?

  How do we know the human body?

  Hiroshima Day

  Vigyaan shiksha ke maayane

  Good Medicine Bad Science Education

  Folding Experience

  Einstein The Genius

Teaching Social Science
  Teaching European History
  Jawaab seekhein ya jawaab dena seekhein

  Question the Answers

  Teaching History

Teaching Art

  Bacchon ke chitr kya bataate hain hamen

  Do you want to draw a picture?

  Kyo aankte hain ham bacchon ko kam kar ke

  Do We Underestimate Childrens Creative Abilities?

Teaching Language
  Teaching the Blues

  Sundar kaun hai?
  The Beautiful Woman